Ribson Equity is an entrepreneurially run India focused private equity with an experienced investment management team. As partners, we work with management to build value in areas such as strategy, marketing, business development, mergers and acquisition, market entry, recruitment and operations. We are committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed. We are creating a network of relationship between investors and organizations. We are providing growth capital and expertise to business. People are the true reflection of what company is today.

We like to keep long term relationship of mutual trust and proximity. we become a stakeholder and partner to the management for a period of time. We respect and understand the value of relationship, comfort, freedom, trust, nimbleness and flexibility. We are enjoying the competitive advantage in the industry. Our singular goal is to work with talented management teams focused on growing their companies and shaping their industries.

“Ribson Equity believes that the best result can be achieved we the fund manager can partner with the management of the investee to assist in growth. Typically access attempts to provide guidance on both operational and strategic issues “